Monday, September 9, 2013

YO! What's up?

Hello there, everyone who stumbles upon this post!

I am Allyza, but everyone calls me Lai (pronounced as "lie"). A junior here at Rutgers-Newark and planning to (double) major in Journalism and Video Production.

With a journalism/video production degree, I plan to work somewhere in the entertainment industry. Preferably along the lines of doing some public relations or even broadcasting, or somewhere behind the scenes working along with some of the industry's finest. It may seem big, but I'm quite determined to fulfill it! (I mean, I think it'd be pretty awesome to be friends with celebrities.)

I chose to do journalism because of the never-ending possibilities one can do with the degree. Whether it be a columnist, editor, or whatever have you, there's always something that'll catch your eye. For instance, I particularly love studying and learning (more) about the Korean (or Japanese) culture. From food to entertainment, I've grown to love everything. With the knowledge I personally know about the Korean entertainment industry, I was able to apply it into my current internship. In the future, it would be a great to write about or even interview some of the artists and celebrities in the future.

On the side note, I do a little bit of photography under the name L(a)ifePhotos. Usually concert and street photography are what I like shooting most.

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Thanks for reading!

- Allyza
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