Monday, September 9, 2013


     Hello convergcult! My name is Amanda and I am a journalism major. What I plan to do with my degree is to go into the public realtions field , preferably in the music industry. I love music and music lovers.I want to take the knowledge , background , and credibility I gain from this lovely university and apply to to the real game while getting paid. I belive today you have to be good at everything; thats what I'm striving for. Becoming a well rounded for me would be: good writer, reporting,buisness woman , creative,  very savvy , Working not just in the music industry , but just in the journalism / media world is very fast-pace and not knowing what to expect. Those are traits I happen to posses as well! 😍. Needless to say I see myself being succesful in this industry as long as I stay focused .

Side Note: Are registered to vote? Are you voting this coming November for New Jersey Governor?
 Well you should be! Over the summer I interned with the campaign for Barbara Buono and she is gorgeous! I think New Jersey could use some change. Check her out!

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