Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello All:)

My name is SuMyia Dabney and I'm a senior journalism student. It's interesting to view media consumers because of how fast everything changes day to day. Facebook can literally change your settings of how you view your page and much more without your permission or simply force you to accept the inevitable. Kind of scary now that I think about it.... Either way Facebook being the producer and lowly earthlings not associated with the tech gods work together to transform the way the world operates.

Im originally from Haslett Michigan and I can still remember Aol dial up internet at age 9 and how slow it was! Today I get frustrated when my my Iphone decides to switch from 3G to wireless interrupting my web surfing...their is only a 2 minute delay. Yes, this is sad but it is also a testimony to the transformation in our personalities. We are more impatient today than any  other time. I am excited to visit the past to see what lies ahead for our future.

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