Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hello All!

My name is Swayzeen Medina I was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey I currently live in North Bergen, New Jersey; where I spend little to no time home because I’m always super busy. Well, the core reason to not spending much time at home is due to my drive to jump start my journalism career. I am always either at school in Newark or New York now at my new internship at (WABC).  I am a 22 year old aspiring journalist; that would eventually like to see herself doing production for a major news show, or on TV as a news anchor.  Journalism follows along with many other passions I have, such as music, dance, and just anything that has to do with the performing arts.  I think my passions seem to co-inside with one another a lot at times, so it all works out for me.  

My Media consumption is vital to my everyday lifestyle; my life would just not function to my liking without it. Media and media studies fit into my life in several facets, professionally and non-professional. Media studies fits into my life professionally, because it’s what I want to produce for the rest of my life in any shape, way or form.  Learning how to manipulate getting news out faster is what I try to do every day at school. On a non-professional level, I Instagram, facebook, watch television, and leave my house.  My ultimate goal is to take all that’s learned about media and media studies from all these different facets, and try to produce news in a way that really no one has thought of, so basically be innovative.  

This link is a project where I tied my passions into one.
I applied both my love for the performing arts, and journalism – I created this blog named “Art In The hands of a City Slicker” for a class, and enjoyed covering stories for several events.  -

                                                Journalism + The Arts  
(This Image is from - A PBS broadcast of a performing arts segment,  

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