Monday, September 9, 2013

Eddie Spitaletta

Hey guys my name is Eddie Spitaletta. This is my 5th year of college and I will be graduating this Spring with no setbacks. I was born in Hackensack New Jersey where I have lived all my life. I am a huge sports fan as I fell in love with baseball at a really young age. I have been playing baseball since I was 6 years old. I played throughout high school and played 4 years of college baseball, one at Manhattan College, and 3 years here at Rutgers Newark. I have been to countless amounts of yankee games. The most memorable was the 2003 ALCS game against the Red Soxs when Aaron Boone hit a walk off home run to send the Yankees into the World Series. I started out at Rutgers as a business major and quickly changed my mind. I knew that it just was not for me, so I decided to give journalism a try. I started by taking basic reporting as a trial and I quickly fell in love with the class. It was actually enjoyable to go to class and participate. Since my liking for journalism grew I decided to declare it my major. I inspire to be a sports writer or sports news caster. My ultimate dream would be an anchor for ESPN the worlds largest and well known sports television show.

Game against Redlands College in California 

As for media consumption and production I cannot help but always check up on sports scores and stats. I guess you can call me a sports junkie as I pretty much know every sport like the back of my hand. Media surrounds my everyday life, I have the ESPN score center app up on my iphone at all times. Whether I am looking at scores or news I am constantly staying on top of it. The media is shaping my life and is growing my interest to use my knowledge of sports to help my career. Many people enjoy watching a sport for fun, I on the other hand analyze it  like I am actually there.

Growing up this is where my passion began, watching the yankees play. I knew right away that I wanted to peruse my career as a baseball player. My love for the game is indescribable and I cannot see myself without it.

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