Friday, September 6, 2013

Hi my name is Faraz...and I'm an aspiring director.

Hello all. My name is Faraz Khan, I'm a junior and a video production major. My interests include; photography, videography, writing, playing the guitar, collecting vinyl records, fountain pens, notebooks, film photography, traveling, and I watch A LOT of TV shows. I started videography in freshman year of high school. I wasn't very good but that's when I started. I created stupid YouTube videos that I deleted out of embarrassment. I then began photography to learn about the basics of aperture, shutter, lighting and composition. I really got into that and it has become a huge part of my career. Ever since then I slowly started working on freelance photo and video projects and now work on big video projects all the time. Here's my freelance portfolio website

One project I am working on that's been getting a lot of traction lately is a YouTube webshow that reviews Halal restaurants around the country. I am the videographer and was brought on almost 2 years ago. Currently we're on a food tour where we go to different cities and host a bunch of vendors and entertainers to gather around and allow muslims to celebrate in a regular food festival type of event without worrying about dietary restrictions. The website is

I have now been lucky enough to land an internship with Dateline NBC where I'm going to be assisting with the shooting, editing, researching and occasional posts on the website and social networks. This really has been my goal for a very long time. I've had internships and jobs in the past but they were all with smaller companies and I always ended being the one that would lead the video team. I wanted to be taught about the small things like the pre-production or working on a bigger production site. 

I recently started my own personal blog where I post literally anything that's on my mind or what I've been working on. It's been a great outlet so far, even though it's only a couple posts, for me to get my creative writing going and to share whatever's on my mind. I have yet to write anything truly informative, but that is something I'm working on especially once I start working with Dateline. Here's the link to the blog

My dream goal/job would be to direct major films, this is of course a huge dream that is extremely unlikely but it is where I want to head so that's what I'm currently aiming for. As for academic goals I'm really just trying to graduate and get my professional career to a full start. 

Media and media consumption are of course the entirety of my career since it involves the physical creation of media and with the consumption of it when it involves research for Dateline NBC or using it as inspiration for something I'm going to write about. 

As for my mandatory picture here is the first picture sent from the Curiosity rover on Mars because well it's fricken MARS! [source]

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