Tuesday, September 10, 2013



My name's Akin Shoyoye. I'm usually just called Akin. Born in Nigeria, raised in Newark and wouldn't change it. I'm finally a senior (it's my fifth year as an undergrad student). I was initially at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, but transferred after my freshman year because, well, being an out-of-sate student is not cheap. I used to major in Nutritional Science, but switched to Journalism because I didn't get along with the chemistry courses. I'm a fitness and nutrition fanatic as result of running track for about 8 years and going.

Now, I major in Journalism and very much enjoy it. I'm looking forward to a future in broadcast journalism and I'd also would like to try my hand in voice over work. We'll see where that takes me. As much as I love journalism, I have no problem branching out to whatever may float my boat.

I've been entrenched in he world of journalism ever since I was kid because I grew up around a father that talked nothing but politics. So, naturally I had no choice but to watch countless hours of CNN and 60 minutes. Big Ed Bradley fan. As you may have noticed, I enjoy languages and hope to use Journalism to travel. With that said, I'm a big fan of Al Jazeera and watch it every Sunday morning before I start the day.

I really can keep going, but have other matters to attend to. Oh and follow me @AK_Tracklife. Until another time...

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