Monday, September 9, 2013

Jannel Varona

Hello Everyone!

My name is Jannel Varona. I was raised in New Jersey, but I was born in the Philippines. I am currently a junior and I am majoring in Journalism. I aspire to work in the fashion and/or entertainment industry after I graduate. I am currently interning at two companies, of which both relate to the fashion and pop culture industry. Both of my internships are growing experience for me and make me want to further pursue my goals.

When it comes to media consumption and media production, it's something that cannot be avoided. The media is certainly a two-way street. Whether I'm scrolling down my twitter feed or updating my followers with a tweet, I receive and give some type of information. Media fits into my life because it shapes and influences my thinking. It helps me understand the unfamiliar and expand my knowledge on things around me. I think the only conflict with media today is that the line between real hard news and not-so-hard (or serious) news is blurred. I feel like people would update themselves about new songs that have been released and what have you, rather than civil wars going on in other countries. I feel like future generations will further adopt the digital, technology-enhanced world of journalism and this will influence in the way they consume and produce media.

This photo was from this weekend. I received press passes to various fashion shows.
 After watching his amazing collection grace the runway, I met and interviewed Kourosh Babaian, the Janique Fashion Week designer.
Stay tuned for his exclusive feature interview with me at Young Hot & Modern magazine

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