Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello, I am Greg Hyatt

       I'm Greg Hyatt and this is my 3rd year attending Rutgers.  It's incredibly hard to fathom that two years of my collegiate career has already passed by!   I'm currently a double major in Journalism and Busniness Management, however my true, sincerest passion lies within the journalism field.   My plan is to attend law school after my undergraduate degree as the potential of one day being a lawyer would appeal to me, especially if I'm unable to take my journalism career as far as I would like.  Hopefully after a successful term in law school, I hope to pursue my dream of one day being a news anchor.
       Initially I started out my college studies as solely a business major.  I was guilty of conforming to the expectations of selecting a 'safer' major, one that would give me a better opportunity of landing a job out of college.  However, it became evident to me that I should pursue what appeals to me and what I have a passion for.   Journalism is a field that inspires me to work hard due to the various challenges it can present to a journalist, sometimes unexpected challenges.   Having to find a way to work around variable obstacles in order to inform society on the challenges the world face is something I would love to do.
      Journalism is not the only subject I have a passion for.   Competitive sports is also something that means a lot to me.   Although I love watching sports, oddly enough I would not be in favor of covering sports whether it be as a sports writer or sports broadcaster.  I find relevant hard news stories that shape the world people live in as more of a challenge to cover than trying to dissect a certain sports topic.  As a result, I would prefer that the role sports has in my life is as a therapeutic    release to the everyday pressure of life's expectations rather than as my profession.

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