Monday, September 9, 2013

Ashley Okwuosa

Hello Everyone!

My name is Ashley Okwuosa and I am a junior majoring in Journalism and Media Studies, I'm probably a lot better at talking about myself than writing about myself but either way. For those who may or may not know this, I am an international student. I am originally from Nigeria and grew up there all my life, I went to a british high school in Lagos, Nigeria and graduated. I then took a year off to take the SAT's and here I am now!

I decided to go into journalism because I love to read and write, most people are pretty disappointed when I tell them, that thats why I chose this major. I didn't watch Diane Sawyer or Christane Amanpour and think "thats going to be me" although I respect their careers and wish that one day I will be almost half as successful and influential as they are.

Most of my early memories as a child were reading, September issues of Vogue in my moms bathroom and being more enamored with the editors and photographers than the models on the pages of the magazine. During my gap year, I was applying to colleges and was stuck on a major to choose. Then it hit me, why don't I write for the magazines I love to read, and that my friends is how I decided I wanted to be a journalism major.

With everything becoming more digital in the world, its extremely interesting to me to see how this affects the future of journalism. Most jobs are moving online and the rapid creation of online magazines like and are becoming the future of journalism. Even established magazines like Lucky and Cosmopolitan are working on building much more of a presence online. In this article newly appointed EIC of Lucky Magazine discusses incorporating E Commerce into the magazine's website and the importance of a good online presence. Eva Chen: BOF

I'm very excited about the future of journalism and where we can take it with the power of the internet.

This is an image from the documentary "The September Issue" which chronicled the making of one of Vogue Magazine's biggest issues ever. 

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