Monday, September 9, 2013

I am Roberta

Hello All,

My name is Roberta and this is my last semester.  I am 41, was born in USSR and have 3 children age 7, 8, and 10.  I am graduating with BFA with concentration in Photography.  While raising children I had some time, thus decided to go back to school part time.  I transferred to RU in 2001 as a Computer Science major, however later changed to Art History that I fulfilled.  I like Art History, nevertheless I decided to change to Photography that gives me wider range of jobs from which I am hoping to obtain one very soon. 
Last summer I participated in photo festival with series of works “Reflection on Romeo and Juliet” in Vendome, France.  For this show I photographed my children in a costume that I handmade.   My daughter was named after Shakespeare’s Juliet and we had great time learning Shakespeare - trying different scenes for photo shoots, children writing their own interpretation of the story, reading the book and watching the movie “Romeo and Juliet.”  The most fun was the trip to Europe.  My children were very proud to see the result of their work at the opening night.

Also I am a runner.  I have ran few NYC marathons and I am in for Nov'13 NYC marathon.  I ran 50 mile race past August and was placed overall 15th out of 47 participants.
I am very happy to take this class.  First two lectures were very exciting and intriguing, looking forward
to learn more.      

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