Monday, November 18, 2013

Update: The Evolution of Hispanic Women in the Workforce.

For my project thus far, I really want my viewers to feel like their part of the day in a life of the women that I interview and connect to their stories somehow. I want my viewers to at least feel that emotional connection with these women. I have already done an interview with one of them and I felt this connection instantly, once she began to cry over something that touched my heart. These women I hope will be able to capture the hearts and minds of my viewers. I already did some shooting and I have an appointment to interview the other woman and let her tell me her story and point of view on the topic about Hispanic women in the workforce and the never-ending progression. I want people watching my video to understand the continuing end of machismo. Also my goal is to help people viewing my video understand and see through these women the evolution of successful Hispanic women in the workforce. Using these women as examples will hopefully clarify this idea for most of the Hispanic community. 

  • I wrote my questions and already went to interview one of the women. 
  • I also shot much of my footage for my 1st subject.
  • I have an appointment with my 2nd subject to interview and shoot footage for her part of the video. 
  • I have also been working on the editing process as well. 
  • I'm narrowing my editing process to what I think is the most important information because I received so much information and footage from my first subject that I have to pick apart what I think is better footage. 
  • So far so good, I like where this is going so far and once I interview and get footage from my second subject and edit it together things will start to come together quicker. 
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