Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Convergence is going to Converge

The future of convergence is going to become something we did not see or even become to. Convergence is consuming and producing at the same time, but at the speed where us journalists are trying to keep up. It is being run through computing with one single device that is able to activate not only task at a time, but multiple tasks. You can literally run everything at the same time! Convergence is   making and selling the content that the public can produce. It all leads down to technology. Technology is evolving more and more every year and we have media powers that are working together to intrigue the public. The public is the consumers and as they consume the media with their electronic devices,  the producers are making money. For example,  Hasham Bajwa, the director of digital strategy for Droga5. He has worked on various campaigns such as the Jay Z Decoded, the HP The Computer is Personal Again Campaign and the Google Earth 250,000 Mile Test Drive Video.

Focusing on Jay Z Decoded Campaign, Hasham worked innovative ways to help Microsofts search engine Bing create competitive advantage over Google. They created a one month real life hunt for 5-10 pages from the books to a unique physical location that has relevance to his pages in the book around the globe. The incentive was the first to claim the page released would win a signed copy page by Jay Z and be entered in a grand prize for lifetime to Jay Z concerts. By this,  it is an example of the intersection of technology and storytelling. Hasham digital strategy was worked with Microsoft Bing that their page viewers and visitors increased immensely. Bajwa claimed that the "resulting effects on Popular culture are priceless" it was all worth it in the end.

We can approach the future with our knowledge of the past and contemporary experiences by learning what is the new era of technology. Mixing what we know of how we learned with our hands on experiences to mixing it into the the technology that children are learning with the tablets that learn. The new technology is leading the society to new the new school system.  Currently, children are learning through computers and tablets and are less hands on because their are less workbooks being brought into the school environment. The workbooks are becoming more digitalized to work their creative and active minds.

Transmedia story telling through technology and games will be used in the future because the way people and children are learning nowadays are through interactive games and technological uses.  People is today's recent generation rely on technology and how they connect with the world. Currently, people without the use of technology feel disconnected to the world. Children are learning through gaming and now feel like they cannot learn or live without it. We can see that the future is technology and it's reliance to live on a daily basis. It is the local story telling that goes globally. We as the consumers and producers need to be open minded and have that open insight when it comes to the media. When we are closed minded, it can and will create and suspenseful event. But, we need to not forget to be involved in the media because having a sense of what is going on can lead and alter our values on the public. Every time an event happens, I am sure that people alter their opinions and values about what they believe in because sometimes it is unrealistic for the way humans work.

The future of media will continue to evolve regardless if it is for the better or for the worse. We cannot cannot stop what is being released being produced by the consumers, but we can alter and control people's thoughts. We all need to become more accepting to the transition and the evolving of the media because it will continue to change. Technology will always change and how we see and talk about the world along with the audience as the makers and the audience will have an audience. We can prepare this by being confident in the facts we obtain and stand by what we know. Real life events and facts will always alter though the grape vine, but their is always a single line of truth behind each fact.

Henry Jenkins, 2007, Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide

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  1. I totally agree with the fact that as technology evolves and changes either for better or worse, we should create things that we know and have experienced in our life. However, I also think that we have to look into others life experiences and learn as well so we have a better understanding of how others are creating the future of convergence and stay alert and active.