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What is the future of convergence?
      Amplified Transmedia
        (The Future of convergence is Media Super Powers Joining)

As our resource of technology grows I feel that so will our transmedia spectrums. This will create multiple platforms for media to stretch it’s storytelling for marketing purposes, advocacy, News, and just all forms of media we put out.  With this transmedia platform I see big name companies coming together to form and create brilliant ideas, whether its a product or a message to the world. For example like the project Hashem Bajwa from Droga5 worked on with Successful rapper Jay Z and Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Bajwa took two media outlets that already existed to create a piece of transmedia that created a movement. I think this is the kind of future we are looking at when it comes to convergence in the media world. This type of formula of taking two or more super pieces or media and having them work together to form one amazing product is a formula for success.

This type of Amplified Transmedia method, of two media powers working together is eye catching, and intriguing for the public, the “consumers”. Especially if you take two media powers that have nothing in common other than wanting to make money, like what Hashem did. Hashem’s team at Droga5 shocked the world when he put these two unlikely entities with each other and made it work.

I truly feel that the intersection of technology and storytelling is really coming to a catapult, even more since the 2008 election people have realized how they can be heard through just typing a few characters into their piece of technology. Were able to relay messages like that by the masses now, I can only imagine a few more years down the line when our technology is far more advanced.

 We can approach the future with our knowledge of the past and our contemporary experiences in order to build more ways to communicate, and create. I am sure that we will see a lot of the “Mass Amateurization” that Clay Shirky talks about in his book.  He explains the idea of people starting up amateur works like weblogs are not professional work but an attempt to be heard and simply a work of transmedia. I feel that this is a start in the right direction for fusing our knowledge of the past and our contemporary experiences, until we come up with a solid notion like Hashem did. We all have the Henry Jenkings syndrome; we are “Searching for the Origami Unicorn”. He explains just like the French philosopher Pierre Levy,

“We speculate about what kind of aesthetic works would respond to the demands of our knowledge cultures”.

This quote is brilliant, because it says we have to know what makes sense to create or build so that we can please the majority.  That’s why we must have knowledge of both past and present convergence to appeal in future instances. After we have the knowhow out the way then building Debord’s notion takes effect, The Commodity as Spectacle.

We create the domination of society by “intangible as well as tangible things”. 

We must make our product that good, that people will stop at nothing to get it, and I think that product will be products like Google buying YouTube. It’s intangible, but we want and seem to need it.

Photo creds: Page by Chris Vaughn

What I foresee and what we should expect is for more Super media outlets joining each other to create bigger capital then they already achieved.
For example: In early November of this year “Netflix and Marvel” Teamed Up to Launch 4 New Superhero Series.  This was huge and a shocker, but made a lot of sense. It was very exciting to both fans of Marvel and Netflix.
USA Today explains on their webpage:
“In a new deal Marvel Entertainment President Alan Fine described as "unparalleled in its scope and size," Netflix will be Walt Disney's (NYSE: DIS ) exclusive broadcast partner for four TV series featuring the superheroes Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. A culminating miniseries will bring them together as "The Defenders," the companies said”.

Ideas like DC Comics maybe teaming up with the HBO network to push to gain a bigger audience, and create revenues like Netflix and Marvel; I see this happening in the future. These are the type of media collaborations I think we will see in the near future.

We can prepare for these media greats to join together by thinking of who we would want to see team up. We should be thinking about what we can gain from two major media powers teaming up.
This is convergence at its best, creating from bits and pieces of already successful media, to be even more successful. Be on the lookout for major media powers teaming up, and influence this culture and idea.

                                   Photo credits: www.geekexchange.com 

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This video shares my views on Transmedia/
Lance Weiler on the Future of Transmedia-

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