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Transmedia: The Batman Phenomenon

The difference between transmedia and multimedia is by no means an easy concept to grasp. Transmedia is the technique of telling a story across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies. We are now in a time period where stories, images, brands, and relationships are spread across social media. Everything is starting to stem from social media, corporate meetings are now being viewed on skype and different face to face  platforms. People of all ages are now being consumed by the technologies that have arose from social media. It is not bad thing since communication has become a lot easier. Transmedia entertainment has become a huge deal because of the constant demand for more products. Fans are putting all their interests into the franchises and what better for these companies to have multiple platforms for consumers to enjoy. Companies are putting out movies, comics, games, TV shows and other ways for the people at home to get hooked and spend money. On the other hand Multimedia stems mostly from content. It refers to the use of different content forms like different platforms using text audio and images. It is another way to pass on and communicate in different ways with people.

First Batman Movie
The best example of transmedia is the Batman franchise. What batman has done for the public over the past years has created an image that will never be forgotten. Batman started off in 1966 with its first ever movie. From that point Warner Bros. began producing the movies and in 1989 they released their first hit Batman. After a huge demand for more Warner Bros. were just getting started they then produced Batman Returns in 1992, Batman Forever in 1995, Batman and Robbin in 1997. People from all over the world began the craze for Batman, from that point it was not only just movies but it stemmed into something huge. Batman Halloween  costumes, comic books, and animated TV series began to arise. In 2005 Warner Bros revamped the Batman series coming out with Batman Begins, which swept the nation. It was in such high demands that in 2008 one of the most storied movie series began with The Dark Night. Viewed by billions of people The Dark Night was top the box office charts solidifying the Batman saga. Which brings us to the most recent movie in 2012 with The Dark Night Rises. Set in New York City the movie boomed the transmedia culture into a huge phenomenon.

The Dark Knight

First Batman Comic
Not only did the Batman movies sweep the nation but the comic book were equally as popular. DC Comics released the first comic in May of 1939. From that point on Batman comics have been a huge success even until this day. The comics offered a interactivity with the movies which allowed people to still read and enjoy Batman when they were not watching the movie. Jenkins wrote "In reality, audiences want the new work to offer new insights into the characters and new experiences of the fictional world. If media companies reward that demand, viewers will feel great mastery and investment." (Jenkins page.2) Not only were the comic books a huge success, the Batman saga was not finished. Batman video games began a huge hit starting in 2011 with Batman: Arkham City. All the Batman enthusiasts were now able to play when ever they pleased. This was a huge hit dating to this year when Batman: Arkham Origins was released recently. The Batman franchise has become the prime example for transmedia and will be for many more years to come.

Batman The Ride
Finally the Batman series was not done, not only were comics, movies, and video games released but six flags has a ride dedicated to this unbelievable chapter. Batman: The Ride is one of Six Flags most popular rides and is the icing on the cake for fans everywhere. People can enjoy this great franchise from just about every kind of platform. The franchise has done everything and anything they can to allow fans to enjoy Batman.

Batman has been a transmedia force for so many years and will continue to be because of it wide range popularity. The movies, comics, TV series, video games and rides are prime example of transmedia storytelling. There has not been a more popular phenomenon than Batman. The closest to batman is spiderman but even that does not have nearly the same response as the legendary Batman. The franchise went over the top and ensure that Batman will always has a legacy to the public eye.


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