Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Vive Vegan

For my final project I worked on a 30 day challenge via Tumblr. I turned my vivevegan Tumblr account into a place where it was all things vegan/vegetarian friendly. When I initially started I had 10 friends and family members who vowed to become vegans/vegetarians for 30 days and over the 30 days I would post each day and email/call them to keep up with challenge. I was suppose to post things each day to keep them motivated and help make it the process easier for them. I wanted to stray away from forcing veganism on people and using animal cruelty as a way for persuasion, because that is what everyone does. I wanted it to be fun and exciting. However after the first few days passed, I realized that it didn't make sense to post information day to day for the 30 day challenge, it made more sense to gather all the information from the 10 different people, do all the extra research and then from what I gather do a general 30 day challenge that anyone can start on any day. 

 I found out so much and, I was able to offer so much information based on my research and the feedback I was receiving. I will definitely keep this blog going because, I have had people reach out to me, who were really passionate about vegetarian/veganism lifestyle, and it's good to know I can help. Just by doing this assignment I learned so much, even though I was vegan for 9 years. I was able to incorporate a lot of what I learned into my own life and I realized that being vegan is not just about the food we eat. It is about our physical build up, our mental state of mind and knowing ourselves. This  is one of the reasons why I decided to also blog about fitness, yoga, and inspirational quotes. The only way to stay committed is to understand why you are doing it and that reason has to 100% significant to you. 

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