Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Food Desert

Food Desert:Newark


I dedicate this paper to my passion for justice. I am a leader, a fighter, and ambitious. This is just the beginning of a big well needed change. I have a soft spot for the city of Newark and seeing the city and the people in it continue to make turns for the worst breaks my heart. I see a potential in Newark that most might not see. Although it's constantly said “cities never come back”  I don’t think that is an excuse to accept and be content with the despair.

This report is something like a blueprint/journal on my thoughts and suggestions about Newark as a food desert. Grocery stores and access to fresh , healthy, affordable food in general is something that is taken for granted by some communities. Access to fresh food is scarce while liquor stores and chicken shacks are on every corner. Living in a food desert can really inconvenience and have a long term and negative affect on ones overall lifestyle. I understand economic factors  make it harder for people to adequately feed themselves and their families yet, I believe change can occur to make even the most impoverished still have an healthy option.

This is not just a project for my convergence class , this is something that I plan to continue in hopes of making a positive impact on the city. Although the information presented here may make the challenges that are faced seem out of reach, the intent of this report is not to overwhelm but to encourage. Its purpose is, rather, to make known the many opportunities that exist to alter the negative impacts that living in a food desert has on the community. I hope that I draw awareness,gain support, provide direction for action, and establish a way to keep moving in the direction of progress. It is also my hope that the information is thought-provoking and will be used to inspire and help others with strategies of intervention on topics alike.

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