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Saavn: East Meets West


Vin Bhat’s (Co-Founder) question and answers on Quora

What are the biggest things Americans still do not know about Brazil, India or China?

VIN BHAT: India, there are 3 key things that most Americans don't realize:

1. India has the largest English speaking population in the world, so it's *somewhat* straightforward to conduct business. There are other cultural issues that make business challenging, but unlike China and Brazil, there is less friction in communication. There are 28 languages in total and in many cases, the only way for Indians from different parts of the country (that speak different languages) to communicate is in fact in English.

2. India is the world's largest democracy and is based on English Common law. There are a few hundred political parties across the country and Indians across all walks of life are politically active.

3. India has terrible infrastructure in the cities. Poor urban planning has led to major congestion, both among people and auto traffic.

Priyanka Chopra Album Featuring Pitbull

Snoop Dogg in Singh is King

Enrique Iglesias and Sundhi Chauhan

What else is Saavn is doing

Vin Bhat, co-founder and CEO of Saavn said, "One of Saavn's goals is to make Bollywood more accessible to everyone and by having these films on Hulu we believe that more people in the U.S. will open up to the genre that is revered by billions around the world."

Conclusion of Article:

The biggest and most crucial question is why should this matter to American audiences that probably haven’t heard of 1% of songs on Saavn’s page, because America embraces foreign cultures, languages, and binds itself with tolerance, more importantly innovation. South-Asian culture is dispersing among Americans rapidly.

In an article by USA Today, “’Slumdog Millionaire’ opens a new passage to al things Indian, Maria Puente interviews Bhat and others to show the birth of an Indo-American culture. Bhat said the following about music, Slumdog, and popularity:

"We're seeing a tremendous impact," Bhat says. "We're already seeing record downloads on iTunes and other major carriers; we're seeing a lot of people purchasing tracks and albums by (Slumdog composer/musician) A.R. Rahman. People are buying Slumdog— it's an access point for people to explore other movie and musical content from India," which is easier to do nowadays, thanks to the Internet.”

The film’s soundtrack had been a top album on iTunes. There have been lots of examples of Bollywood and Hollywood collaborating over the years. East and West are coming together. And music has become one way to bridge that gap. Whether it’s Snoop Dogg making a track for a Bollywood movie, or Enrique Iglesias singing with an Indian Pop artist by the name of Sundhi Chauhan, or Priyanka Chopra, a well-reputed model turned actress that wore the crown of Miss India in 
2000 is coming out with an album titled Exotic featuring Pitbull.

Time Magazine published an article titled, “Ring, Ring, Bollywood Calling”, under their Small Business genre. Writer Coeli Carr wrote, “Americanized Bollywood hybrids could help Saavn expand. 

“Whether it’s Slumdog or Snoop Dogg, future media collaborations will inject Bollywood further into the mainstream,” says Shenoy [Co-founder of Saanv]. “And when fans want to experience the real Bollywood genre, they’ll come to us.””

Saavn not only helps bring Indian cinema to America, but also through their services, provides a direct portal into the world of Indian Music. Free App downloads for the Iphone and Android phones, and a website that offers the same feature has been expanding its stance. Constantly new music is being added and shared. 

Video of Rishi Malhotra: President of Saavn 

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