Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Behind His Mask

Art By Mark Galez 
Behind His Mask is a short film I want to create that shows the last day of a person committing suicide in a very different way. When someone commits suicide there is no explanation you are usually left in the dark for the reason why. The Short Film is going to be maybe 15-20 min long and going to be put up on Youtube and Vimeo, but in a bigger picture put in a Short Film Festival. I chose this length because it explains the whole story and doesnt drag out, Wong Fu Productions on Youtube do this and I love their films and they really inspired me.

A Few Films that inspired were Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It and Elephant and Scrubs. She's Gotta Have It was cool to see characters breaking the 4th wall to tell their story about the girl however the girl really didn't talk much until the end, It was interesting but usually you only get one side of the story. Elephant was showing different perspectives of a tragic event and that struck me to make a film. The last was a television show that inspired me which was Scrubs, a comedy but they did one episode where it shows J.D. and Elliot first going out and the whole day they spent together and also the life cycle of their short ended relationship. The Episode is called My Bed, Banter and Beyond, and the show is amazing so go watch it!

This is a test clip of a monologue from the Script, to show the class my idea how the psychologist scenes will look compared to other scenes of the film where the camera is fixed and looks more professional.
The Actress in the film is Christina Vernacchia  she is a singer so you can look for her and the art is done by one of my friends Mark Galez visit his Facebook page Remarkable Art for more awesome drawings.

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