Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Day In A Life: Successful Hispanic Women

For my Final Project I decided I wanted to do a video, kind of a day in a life short film/documentary on the evolution of Hispanic women in the workforce. The way machismo has decreased, and how this has given the opportunity for many Latinas (re-vised video one part video only) to prosper and actually become successful professional women today. Machismo is something that was more prevalent in the older days in the Hispanic community, but not so much anymore.  This type of attitude where the man has to be the breadwinner and dominant doesn’t only exist within the Hispanic community, it also exists in other cultures as well. However, I focused it more on the Hispanic culture because that’s my race, and I thought it would be a lot more connected to my community. Machismo has died down a whole lot, and unless you grow up and are raised in a house where its still present, its something that you won’t really experience. Thankfully for many Hispanic Americans that’s the case now. However, there is still that percentage that has to deal with that old school ancient kind of thinking and living.

            For my video I interviewed and filmed two very successful women that will show you what it is to be a prosperous working Latina while at the same time being able to balance being a wife and mother.  The video is basically a day in a life video where they explain their struggles if they’ve had any, and other things that you will shortly see in my video. My video divides into two parts where I show my viewers two different sides. One of the women that I interviewed was born in another country and came here a decade ago. While the other woman was born in Caracas,Venezuela, but moved to the states at the tender age of eight. She grew up here and learned the language at an early age. She considers herself an American citizen because that's what she feels more attached to. However, I think t the two perspectives of these women show the similarities and differences between the Hispanic community in general from two sides that represent the same race, but from different experiences.  I hope that any woman not only Hispanic women understand, and believe they can be as successful or more than their husbands. And that they all  have the opportunities to be successful empowering women.

Although, I was too ambitious with my final project, in trying to do a 2-in-1 video, I did choose one of the videos that was in my final project, and completely re-vised it and re-edited it. I decided to focus on just one story, because the feedback I got back helped me realize, that I want to focus mainly on my first subject. So my NEW video is under the hyperlink Latinas. (HD)

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