Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Moden Muse Magazine

In the beginning I started this project to sort of see what it would be like to be the Editor in Chief of a magazine because ultimately it is something that I pictured myself doing in the future. I would love to eventually run my own publication or business and I feel like this was a great way for me to learn how to work with and manage a group of people.

My intentions for this magazine is to try to inspire and motivate young adults, teenagers, or people who may not be sure of what direction they want to go in life with their career choice. I want people to be able to read my magazine and feel good about themselves when they put it down. For future issues we should also give ideas of how they can go about making things happen. I know it sounds very cheesy, but that's what I want. I don't want people to be jealous of the people that are written in the magazine, I want the future writers to write in a way that encourages the readers to do something too.

There's a lot of negativity in the world, but positive people can make a difference.

There were a lot of challenges during this process. My Fashion editor dropped out from the magazine and I had to take on that position, which wasn't difficult but I also was a writer and I copy edited all of the articles myself. I am very proud of this first issue, its like my little baby lol and I hope that I can eventually get more people to contribute to my magazine because it was a fun, but challenging experience. Budget was also an issue for me because I would have like to get better quality of images, but that was a challenge because I didn't have a photographer.

I know that future issues would be easier to compose if I had more people on my team, but we made it work! The most difficult part for me was coming up with the name of the magazine. There were so many names that I came up with but they had been already taken and I wanted to keep it original and I thought that Modern Muse fully encompassed my vision. I personally enjoyed the creative process and thinking of the content that I wanted to be featured within the magazine.

I'm actually really excited to share my magazine with other people, it was a new experience for me, but I really like the outcome.

Here is the link to my magazine:

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