Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Self Taught vs. Formally Taught Musicians

For my final project, I focused the benefits of being a formally taught and self taught musician. An autodidact is an indidivual who isn't formally taught by an educator or school system but indulges in self-teaching. Those who practice self-education just may possess more musical talent and gain success in the music industry, along with astounding critical acclaim. All four musicians featured in this documentary contain great musical talents but were taught in different ways. Music Professor John Floreen expressed the beneficial side of being formally taught stating that it is easier for a formally taught musicians to play with other professional musicians. Music Major at Rutgers University-Newark Tom Gaydos believes that a strong benefit of being a formally taught musician is reading music. Being able to read any sheet music placed in front of you is a great skill. However self-taught musicians Josh Milan and Moses Laporte think otherwise. House musician and CEO Josh Milan believes that a self-taught musician is better equipped at express his or herself through music. He also explained how musicians only play when sheet music is in front of them. Rapper/Producer Moses Laporte stated that he cannot see himself formally learning something that is creative. The video clips from popular music artists as well as artist that have achieved commercial and astounding critical success as self-taught musicians.  I focused on this topic because I feel that I can relate to both sides. I was formally taught as a child but today I teach myself how to play songs on the piano or any other instrument for that matter. The video can shine some light on why musicians choose to learn a certain way.

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