Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Understanding Feminism For The Non Feminist.

Understanding Feminism For The Non Feminist is a feminist website, that aims at educating, informing and creating positive conversation about the feminist movement. As the site's tagline suggests, "Feminism is for everyone" whether you realize it or not. When it came time to start this project I realized that research was key, in order to build a site. I had to figure out what I wanted my site to say and how to differentiate it from the thousands of feminist websites out there.

I must say that because my site has become more than just a semester project, I am still figuring out where I want to take it. But what I can tell you is that, I want Understanding Feminism to be a place where people can come and be educated in a way that they had never considered.

I post original content on the site, but I also peruse other feminist sites to gather news that I think my reader will find interesting. The key to creating content that you believe will attract readers is by figuring who your demographic is.

Who is reading Understanding Feminism? 

Like Tyga says "I do it for the ratchets"

I do understanding feminism for those who obviously don't understand what feminism is about, but not because of a lack of education but more because of a misconception. Like I said in one of my first posts

"I realized that the problem wasn’t the feminist movement, but society’s misinterpretation of it." 

People had shyed away from the term and the movement because of a misunderstanding of what feminism is about and what it means to be a feminist. When you realize who you're writing for, it then becomes easier to streamline your content to be able to engage your reader. 

How did I create content for Understanding Feminism?

Getting people to read the blog, was interesting because it required me to examine what attracts my readers and how I can keep them interested in the content I was posting on the site. One of the first things I did was to find someone who I believe my readers can relate to. I incorporated a category known as Understanding Feminism on The Street and my first post was an interview with a Rutgers Student called Selorm Quist. Quist was my reader or who I wanted my reader to become after going on my site; she didn't identify as a feminist because of the negative connotations and then she began to educate herself and realized feminism was amazing. You can read the post here. When checking my blog statistics, I realized that this had received the highest views on my blog. I am using this as an example of how I used the idea of the type of readers I wanted to attract, to attract the readers I wanted. 

Another example is a post I did on an online epidemic that mostly affected women, known as Revenge Porn. This is something that is slowly becoming more and more popular, it is also something that my readers didn't know about.
So what did this post do? It introduced them to something new and not only that, the readers began to ask themselves "Why should I care about this" and "How does this make me a feminist or a feminist ally" or "What does this even have to do with feminism" 

Like I said, the site aims to educate and create positive conversation about the feminist movement. 

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