Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Newarks Exclusive Art Community Blog

My final project is titled, Newarks Exclusive Art Community," in which I have placed my self in front of the camera as a host to engage viewers and to actually interview certain artists. I conducted the interviews before and after their shows. I also edited each video on my own.

Due to what blogger is able to upload I had to compress my video files to the point where they are not the original files. I began to explore another avenue such as word press but I would like to continue this blog and revamp  what type of compressor I use. With more time I would have been able to sit with experts who knew much better than I did. ( Yes, I did google a lot! Very complicated stuff)

The pictures and video that I did capture tell in depth stories about the artists that no one would be able to capture. This makes my blog very unique because you are not just looking at the exhibit photos. You are also be encouraged to interact with the artists through the comment sections. Also a lot of advertising was going on with the show that comes up this Friday title, "#PadManny," for curator Patricia A. Reynolds. Due to the creation of my blog she will be co-hosting with me in the future and we are going to take this show out of just Newark and into the city. We work well as a team and have great visions fro exposing the art world and getting personal with artists. This also benefits her career.

Check out my page on: nwkartcommunity.blogspot.com

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