Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Simply InsPiRe

The official guidebook for those who are interested in public relations and event planning in the entertainment business. Public relations can be such abroad topic when people ask you " what do you want do with your life" and those who are interested say "public relations", but it is much more than that. Consider public relations like an acquired taste. An acquainted taste to thrive and fulfill what many people attempt and try to do, but not officially execute it the way it can last a lifetime a memories unless it is a night to remember because it was such a disaster. To be in the industry of entertainment of event planning you must be outgoing to network and to be able to think quick on your toes.

My blog to Simply InsPiRe came to be because I have such a strong passion for it. It is like a drug that keeps me motivated and I will not stop until there is nothing left, even then once one task and event is done. I am ready to go to the next one. I realized this experience came to me when I was the one always in charge of planning and putting together ideas that the whole group can lead with. It always takes that one person to makes the initiative to have the others follow. 

Introduction to Public Relations and Event Planning 
Many people ask the question, what is so special about PR and who needs it? They don't realize everyone needs it.

PR is the side of credibility and having a reputation that will lead to to success. Everyone needs a good PR to lead to them to success because PR's are like the extra hand and guidance that you never really see until you sit back and think who plans all the events people attend to our the communication it takes to please the public. Leading onto public relations neighbors with event planning. Who has the patience to do all of the work and planning? The people that the public hire we specialize in pleasing the public to gain media in the best way possible.

Credibility can take months and years to build, but can be destroyed in a second. The main goal for PR is to make sure we are credible, reliable and we want to be recommended. Although it is a very stressful job and it is nonstop because you can be on call, we simply love it. You have to love it so much that it is so hard to described, but we wish we can show the feeling and joy we get through the adrenaline of the process and the final product.

Why Simply InsPiRe is different from every other blog.
Simply InsPiRe can and will be the new upcoming guidance for young students to lead into the world of PR. Although not everyone wants to know where they want to go and do in PR at least they can have a little guidance, since thats our speciality. Being able to relate to this is a huge factor toward why I believe this blog can and will grow. It is not only informative, but it is entertaining because their is no filters that will be released onto the blog. How you see it, read it, and feel for it is real.

The End Result
Former CBS journalist and later National Public Radio commentator Daniel Schorr once noted, "If you're not in the media, for all intents you don't exist." Every organization can benefit from publicity – good publicity, that is. PR will help you get noticed and assist in gaining media attention and media discipline. So take part one step at a time with PR and see why it is so efficient to have in the world. PR is the future with media and its no ones enemy. So join the media world in every way possible and influence it in the positive way we see it.

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