Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mr. PI 2013 VIDEO

  Mr. PI 2013 VIDEO – (This is a Motivational piece)

I shot this video for several different reasons, and so that it takes on several different platforms. My goal is for this video to be motivational to others, and send a message, "your voice can be heard no matter how much it trembles" in other words never stop at your dreams. Another reason I decided to follow my subject Frank around for several days was to raise awareness for this event that happens yearly, and shine light on the cause of the event this year. All the proceeds that were made from the Mr. PI man-geant went to helping the Philippines in this time of need. Were part of an historical movement and I wanted to help document that through Frank’s journey.

According to The Philippine-American Organization of New York’s webpage it explains exactly what Mr. PI is all about:
“Mr. PI is a "man-geant," meaning that it's a pageant for men. It consists of the sections found in a typical pageant:  cultural, talent, Q&A, etc. This is one of the big events held in D3 (District 3), meaning that other Filipino clubs throughout NYC, Long Island, and Northern NJ will be participating”.
The event was Sunday, November 17th at 3:00PM . It was held in the New York University Kimmel Center for University Life (60 Washington Square S, New York, NY 10012, USA).

Frank was on his own mission:
Frank Samuel Barcelos was a dream to have for a subject he let me follow him everywhere. Mr. PI 2013 meant everything to Frank and I wanted to capture that.  The reason why Frank even entered this contest is to spread awareness about the Christian lifestyle and belief system. He felt that if he had a big enough platform to stand on like the Mr. PI event, which held a thousand plus inside the room, that he would make a huge statement for sure; and you’ll see in the video that he did just that. Frank is part of a Group at Rutgers-Newark named Intervarsity-(A Christian fellowship prayer group). This group was his back bone in getting him ready for this huge event, they prayed and practiced with him every chance they got. 

This video lives on my already made blog “Art in the hands of a city slicker” that has been up for two years now. This blog consist of video’s that have to with all works of art. So this video fit right in along with my theme. The video shows multiple art forms being presented for the talent portions of the competition.
I hope to create follow up’s. Maybe I will take part in doing a video at Ms. PI, which is basically the same concept but for college woman. This will have people anticipating updates on my site. I will write about what’s up and coming and then post it.  I shot so much video I could create a mini -series long the side of this video.

Hopefully this video will make for a great piece of transmedia . I would like for this video to go viral through YouTube, and start an inspirational movement. When a video goes viral, the sky is the limit. You start to get noticed, then ads, and money.  


Student - Frank Samuel Barcelos

The Philippine-American Organization of New York’s webpage-

The International Pilipino Association at New York University -

RU-N FSA'S FRANK BARCELOS FOR MR. PHILIPPINES 2013! Facebook page made for Frank-

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