Monday, December 2, 2013

Future of Convergence

The future of convergence holds many interesting opportunities. When looking at massive advertising campaigns and the potential of entertainment (i.e. gaming) as a teaching tool there are so many possibilities. The future of television and print media is going to go through a massive metamorphosis where in the end only those who are beautiful with arise. Magazines, television, newspapers, etc., are going to have to become almost an art piece if they want to survive in a world where popular online media is already so beautiful. Certain magazines have already began that transition and are thriving because of it. Television shows, like Homeland, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad, are all shows that go beyond just telling a story. It's extremely visually based, and is so beautifully shot you just can't look away. This is where the future of media is headed and with the help of convergence the online world will slowly seep it's way into every other dying platform.

The intersection of of technology and storytelling is the next step in extraordinary technology. It's one thing to create a great product, but it's another thing entirely to have that piece of technology make you feel something. It should make you feel excited, and it should make you think about the history of the product and what had to be done for this product to exist. When the cold metal part of technology peels away to exhibit a warmer experience, that's when the story of technology can be told.

The way we can approach the future with the knowledge we have of the past and our experiences is to see how to take things to another level. With the combination of great things that have worked in the past we can create something that is truly wonderful. Taking the aspect of the storytelling in technology and the future of convergence, there are so many wonderful ways the future can go. If we learn from the past and pay attention to what has changed then the future is going to have some exciting and hopefully educational products. A lot of the products we currently have are still in a beta-like state. A lot of them are just one thing, and are only used by a certain type of person. In the future, we can hope to foresee a broader use of products, like gaming, and turn it into a tool that every single person can use. With the benefits we see in gaming, it can be used as a great tool educationally and even for improving our skill sets.

The way to prepare for the larger impact on technology, eduction, and UI is by assisting companies with the change, and embracing the newer technology. A lot of times, companies are afraid of changing their ways due to customers not wanting to evolve. The only way we can start this change is by allowing these companies, and persuading them that the change will be embraces and enforced.

Not only should we be allowing companies to change, but we should be thinking about creating companies and products that fit the future that is imminent. Creating technology that can tell a story, or using an existing product and making it useful for a wide range of people by tapping into it's potential is crucial. Larger companies will never adapt unless they see someone doing something and attempting to shock the world with something that is truly revolutionary and extremely useful.

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