Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mass Amateurization

In his essay Clay Shirky strives to clarify what journalism is and who could be a journalist.  The author's reference to a dictionary description of journalist shows that it is not his or her skills rather the publishing part of the job makes person a journalist.  Hence, anybody who is able to publish his or her work could be a journalist.  Especially, in our contemporary society with multiple virtual opportunities to publish, anybody could become or consider themselves journalists.
            Clay Shirky refers to a senator from Mississippi Trent Lott who gave inappropriate speech and how it snowballed over the virtual space, while the regular news papers did not discussed his speech as much.  However, senator Lott felt obliged to make public apologies because of the virtual news sites, which triggered the regular news media to publish much more about the incident.  This is the case of convergence or interrelationship of both virtual and regular media sources.  It describes that one is not taking over the other, rather each have their own style of existence and could perfectly coexist.
             Similarly, Jenkins is pointing out that children who are publishing online creating their own environment are not intentionally damaging the original source of Harry Potter or Warner Brothers, rather coexist and moreover help the book get its popularity and audience.  
            Children that are participating in The Daily Prophet simply found common denominator, which helped them to create their own environment where they comfortably can publish their writings using their imagination.  The power of the virtual space is underestimated as Heather points out in the case with Polish children.  She says that Warner Br went after Polish children, however they all knew each other well enough, which helped to stand by each other’s side. 
            Virtual publishing space enables anybody be able to publish what for a long time was privilege only for a professional journalists.  However, mass amateurization helps news spread much quicker, which creates  an outcome that might not have been possible otherwise. In some instances amateur journalists might poses unique information or images that majority of population may never get access to it.     
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          Moreover, while publishing video on youtube, one could also place advertisement and earn money.  


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