Monday, October 14, 2013

Fast and Furious...Speeding Tickets

My initial idea was about hookup culture and how it affected future marriage potential. I've long left that idea behind and decided to dive into the world of the automobile. Cars are a significant appliance in our society today. The internal combustion engine is one of the things that makes globalization go 'round. Cars have become an extensions of our lives one way or another. They are honest beasts of machines because they only run as well as you treat them. It's a relationship between man and machine that seems to be more honest than many things in this world.

Honda NSX...the classic rocketship
I will be examining the impact of the Fast and the Furious movie franchise has on car culture. I'll also be examining why are cars being made faster and more powerful when rules that impede on driving ability are being enforced more than ever. I'll be producing a video feature on this topic. In such, car enthusiasts, business owners, law enforcement, and mechanics will be interviewed.

I love driving. There's something to be said about stepping into a vehicle and being excited to explore its capabilities. I have no problem driving out to nowhere just for the sake of it. Sometimes I want to test how I fast I can go, how well the car handles, or to just enjoy a nice drive.

Seeing that I'm a novice in video production, I must call upon the assistance of several associates of mine to help me with it.

Currently I'm in the process of gathering subjects to interview and deciding on locations to shoot video.

I'm aiming to publish this documentary on the popular weblog Jalopnik and score interest for employment!


Senna - a documentary about world famous Brazilian F1 driver Ayrton Senna

A documentary on the Motorsport of Rally Car racing

An interesting look on why certain cars are cool to some people.

Drive On!  L.J.K Setright- the international history of the car

Fifty Cars that Changed the World by the Design Museum

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